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I was born a long time, because on October 28, 1949. Imagine that in the 60s of the previous century there were schools for computer scientists. In 1968, I defended my graduation work entitled “Two-state flip-flop on DSzR relays” in the class specializing in “calculating machines”. In the years 1971-1989 I worked at the Elwro computer company in Wrocław. In the eighties as a data teletransmission specialist. Imagine that there were no cells, GPS or internet at the time, and computers were already communicating with each other … Of course, they could not be carried in a briefcase. I have been running private businesses since 1991, more or less successful and … .. history has come full circle. I’m a computer user again.
I was lucky in my life. I traveled a bit around the world, business and private. I was in Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia – 2 times for 2 months, in Czechoslovakia, Romania, I traveled the Soviet Union from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Brest and from Leningrad to Tbilisi and … I was in North Korea, the whole month !!!. Few Poles were there. I’ve always dreamed of helping others. I will say more. I really wanted to help in something great and everything. I wandered for a long time in search and here success, there failure … until finally I found: “Leszek Przygodzki F.H. EXPORT-IMPORT “. In March 2020, I exported 18 TIR mushrooms to the East.


I’m interested in issues related to personal development. This is my passion. If you do not get angry, here on this page I will also pass on some of my knowledge in this field.