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I was born on October 28, 1949. Imagine that there were already computer schools in the 60s of the previous century. In 1968, I defended my baccalaureate thesis titled «Two-state derailleur on DSzR relays» in the «counting machines» specialty class. In the years 1971-1989 I worked for the Wroclaw-based computer company «Elwro». In the 1980s I was a data transmission specialist and for four years I worked in its Moscow branch, still in Soviet times. Imagine that at that time there were no cell phones, no GPS, no internet, and computers were already communicating with each other over long distances. Of course you couldn’t carry them in your briefcase.

Since 1991 I have been running private business, among others in Biała Podlaska, constantly gaining commercial experience. Doing business in Biała Podlaska and speaking Russian has resulted in many business contacts with the former Soviet Union countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

I’ve been lucky in my life. I’ve travelled all over the world, both for business and private reasons. In 1991 I flew with my family for a whole month to a faraway, and not as popular and easily accessible as today’s, Thailand. Working in Elwro allowed me, on the occasion of many business trips, to visit the Soviet Union from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Brest and from Leningrad to Tbilisi. I had a chance to be for 30-days in North Korea. It was an unforgettable experience thanks to the combination of work and the opportunity to visit places often inaccessible to tourists.

Now I’ve created a trading company: «Leszek Przygodzki F.H. EXPORT-IMPORT.» I’m sure my personal and commercial experience will allow me to succeed here too.